Sunday, August 9, 2009

public Exposure

I went to the fair yesterday. I had a chance to look at the artists that were displaying their work. Some of the work was amazing. Anyone that is willing to display their work in such a very public forum is brave. I was standing looking at some pieces and some of the people that were looking had very ignorant comments. "that's not art" "looks like they copied" "their work is very sloppy" "anyone can do that" "ugly color" ......these are some dumb comments. I know we all have a voice. I now these are people that were walking around in the fair and needed to come inside because of the heat. I was so happy to be there seeing all the different and unique artists that displayed their hard work and passion next to fellow creators. I applaud them. Every last piece of work I laid eyes on was beautiful because it was created by someone who loves art. It was created by someone who had the courage to display their work in such a very public forum. I also heard people that were in awe of the works. I noticed some people just standing there staring and enjoying the visual stimuli. It was a sight to see. A giant room full of different works. Only at the fair will you see that. I go to the art fairs and I don't even see that. This was a county fair. I just wanted to remind ourselves that Art is for everyone and people should be very respectful of ones creation. We can critique each others work to improve or help one another...but to break someone down is very disrespectful. We should all have some compassion for one another.


  1. I agree with you so much. I think fear keeps people in a negative grasp, they don't feel creative themselves, so they put someone elses creativity down. Here's to you for seeing the beauty and courage and perfection in every piece of art. I know your feelings were felt by those near you and perhaps the light of those thoughts were felt by the artists, their art and those who came after you. Being the light and seeing the light is a very important mission that you met and held with love. Good on you!

    Much Love - carole

  2. I agree. what anyone says is a projection of where they are at though not about the art. If we all knew that and took responsiility for our own projected and disowned parts I feel the world would be less abused and destroyed.

  3. Very insightful article. I agree with Liz - peoples comments on others' art is more a reflection on them and their outlook than on the art or the artist.