Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wake Up Dammit!

Inspiration. I felt like crap this morning and actually for the last couple of days. Faking with my girls in my life that I feel ok. Trying to make sense of this world and give it some purpose. Going through the motions and then I laid my eyes on some artwork that was amazing to me. I guess you could say it breathed life into me to create and stay afloat longer. Then I realized I have more purpose than just my art. I have my family. Has anyone ever taken a shot of a strong drink and WHAM! it gives you a jolt? Or strong coffee...or a strong breath of sea air oxygen? Well that is what I felt like when I looked at the artwork. For some reason I was feeling down. I have a driveway full of rusted sheetmetal to paint. I have so much purpose. I have to beautiful women that care about me. My daughter and my wife. The count on me. I have grandchildren that want their papa. I have a world to minister to with my artwork. inspire them. scream at them. I have alot of pages to blog in. I love waking up to a new challenge. Art inspires me when I am the most down. That is all I wanted to say. If anything we artists should always be inspired. We have our work. Neverending.

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  1. I appreciate the existential angst you described and your process of overcoming it. It's all part of having the soul of an artist.

    Also, you asked on Twitter (I'm CCWordPlay) about dressing up your blog. Try doing a search for "free Blogger templates" and you'll find a lot of options.