Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Artist For Sale

He was so happy to be given the chance to make a name for himself in his first showing. So many people came to see his passion. So many people were intrigued by his unique way of expressing his life and love through the colors he chooses. His work comes alive and makes a statement of love....the love for art and humanity. He wants so much for people to relate to any one of his works. they do not have to like all of them but at least connect to one. Just one. He salivates with anticipation of watching that person or group with glassy staring eyes. Watching his painting glow on that display. Colours brilliant with the perfect lighting yet not needing the light for clarity. His works are light enough for the room. People came in droves. Second and third night were opening night crowds. He wonders where all these people hear of his work. Word of mouth is spreading like wildfire. His confidence is strong now. His attitude is high with pride. He is so happy. What a wonderful feeling. His passion gave him that opportunity. His dedication to what he believes in gave him the chance. He didn't have to beg. He did not have to kiss any ass. He did not have to put his portfolio in front of negative gallery owners that toss it on the bottom of the pile of struggling artists with the same aspiration. He was given a rare chance. Someone actually gave a gallery owner his website and the rest is history. This is not a happy ending though. This artist was so happy and appreciative of his opportunity that he felt obligated to the people that brought him there to listen to their suggestions. To make a long story short......he sold out. He painted what they wanted him to paint. His passion was now gone. He pleased the people that were in his corner and still made allot of money. He still had his eye for the color. His paintings still came alive in color. His passion was not there. His heart was not present. He loves creating. He is not creating now he is painting someone Else's vision. Where can he redeem himself? Paint from his heart. Paint his life. Paint with passion. It is never too late. You might have to start over. Commercially you might be dead if that is WHO you relied on to make your name. If you were for sale in the beginning and you signed? you sold out. You can be represented....but don't go for the big sale.. it is too good to be true. I have never experienced that. But I saw a proud man break. I saw brilliance disappear. I saw the fire in passion die. I witnessed the brush thrown away. I don't know if this helps. It is a long entry. It is touchy feely and lengthy. It is too much and not what someone else would want to read. It is me. It is what I love to write. It is my heart. So I will scribe with the passion for the art and the artists I love the only way I know how. Unedited and open.


  1. I, for one, like what you've written. I came close to putting my art in a gallery this week but decided against it. It didn't feel like the right place for my work. I struggled with having it "in a gallery" versus holding out for my own vision.

    Keep writing about art ... I've written a bit about it. Here's a link to something I wrote called, Is THAT Art? you read it, let me know what you think. I wrote it awhile back ... so it's a bit dated. I'd love to hear your opinion. Love your work.

  2. This entry on your blog reached out to me. A very emotional peice, and something that all artists of every sort have to wonder at some point or another. It reminds me to ask the questions "Am I doing what I love? Have I breached the gates of no return and cannot make it feel right again?" Very inspiring to me, thank you for a lovely post.

  3. I have put off commenting on this post for a week and have decided to weigh in after much thought. I have come to a conclusion on this subject. My wife (@pelicanstare on twitter) is a fellow creative and has known a great many artists and has made a study of pop culture and trends. One of things that she has heard through her acquaintance with artists and creatives is that "artists that sell work and make a living doing so have to whore themselves" at some point in their careers. A prime example of that is the Sistine Chapel. Michaelangelo had no desire to paint it and tried to get out of doing it. Pope Julius II dangled the construction of his tomb in front of Michaelangelo all the while meddling in Michaelangelos rivalry with Raphael.
    I think that not only does an artist have to think outside the box but think inside the box as well to stretch himself to the limits.