Monday, August 24, 2009

Working Artist.

go to work come home eat shit sleep. go to work come home eat shit sleep. ok...when do i make time to paint sometimes.... i am an artist and i know my calling in life. i have realized this calling for several years now. i have met many wonderful people in my journey. some are positive and some are not so...but still i learn from everyone. this realization of who i am has instilled a passion in my life like no other. i love my faith and my family. i love my friendships and love people all around but the passion that burns in my soul for creating is very powerful. i look for people to inspire me. i look for that next idea. i look for that wonderful subject that will bring life to people. all of this is so great to talk about but....going to work everyday...coming home and prioritizing my evening activities....spending time with family and loving them. my art is like a sacrifice. i and many others i know who work have to sacrifice for their love. the love of creating. wow. as i am reading what i write i realize that the time it takes to get the passion of creating out of my heart and soul takes more time than to make the living to pay for my livelihood. this is a very hard puzzle to solve. how? give me an answer art gods! i know the answer. sell out? nah. i don't like kissing ass. i know i am going in circles her. can anyone relate? post below!

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