Thursday, July 30, 2009

Subject Matter

Am I worried about what I paint? Does it really matter? Will I insult someone? Will someone hate my art for eternity after I paint that certain piece that offended them? Art in any category is self interpretation self expression of your view on the subject you are creating. We are creating a sub-subject. If the subject is naked girl in my mind....I will paint a woman with rustic skin color red hair mixed color eyes where the steel is grinded to make more action...more drama with the scales of rust in my metal. Paint oxidizing because I left it in the sun after watering the piece. The more rough looking the better. See. I have created my subject. I can have her be who I want. I can make the subject alive in any abstract way I please. Will it PLEASE everyone...Never. That is why it is subjective to you. You might interpret one way I might another. That is why Artists take chances when they are out. OUT! Like an alternative lifestyle choose to live a certain way yet you do not want to be judged just being a part of humanity. Some artists deal with rejection more severely than that. We tend to be mortified if someone or a critic for that matter tears us a new asshole and makes us out as awful instead of complimenting us for the courage to show the masses. Can you imagine a gallery where as you are strolling or relaxing viewing the featured artist the artist is watching you and your expressions and feeling what you are feeling? You are sitting right next to him/her studying and picking apart the piece as if they did something so horrible.....The art world should be free of judgmental idiots but It is filled with them. They also have their cliques. I want to be in the community of the artistic expressionists. I want to open a gallery where all the funky artists join me in celebrating creating artwork that we can all enjoy hate and love with no boundaries. Explore the avenues of texture. Run through fields of expression and slide in the paint and mediums of change. Shit I am not making sense. Hahaha.... bottom line...we have to be very aware that Art is for cleansing of our minds and loving our world through our medium.

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