Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creative Mind Numbing Happiness through Art.

My love for people is about the same as my love for Art. I really have so much compassion for the human spirit. I feel sorry for all the screwed up people in this world. I think in my ignorant mind that Art can heal them. I am talking about the angry people and the lost ones of society. Art can heal them. Maybe I am the crazy one here but couldnt we somehow make a change with Art? How can we do that? There has to be a way. I am so naive? Am I dreaming in a fantasyland? Is this a weird idea? I dont think so. Can we start in the communities or in the schools with charitable donations or some of that government money that we are all paying for 20-30 years from now for the bail outs? grants....or something like that. We can set up Art Shelters for Non -Expressive people to help them express their suppressed creativity. Does that make sense? We can donate our 1 day a week as artists....there are alot of artists around. There are alot of hidden undercover shy artists that do not feel they are worthy. there are people that do not know they are artists until they pick up that brush dip it in some paint and slap it on the canvas or cardboard or paper or anything they can paint. Create colors shapes angles and lines all to express their wonderful idea of how their mind and heart works. IS this such a bad idea? No we would rather party, drink, argue, be sad, hate, watch TV until we fall asleep, look at the computer(porn) Distract our minds from creativity and healthy stimuli....Does anyone care? I do. You do. If you are reading this and you are an artist or appreciate art can you look at your community to see if someone is doing this? Can someone actually strart something like this? YES> How? Shit Don't ask me I am just throwing it out there. But. I am going to look into it. I had a person comment on an entry yesterday with a wonderful vision of visiting and interviewing artists from all over the world for educating himself. Wonderful!!!!! Exciting! this is what I am talking about. I think there is allot of us in this world who feel the same way of our creativity and our uniqueness and what we can contribute to humanity. Our minds are brimming and SCREAMING with passion and ideas to put smile on children's faces. Elderly people need to be stimulated and feel involved with creating everyday! People of all ages need to take part in some sort of project personally to enhance their thinking. Evolve their thought process to higher levels. Wow. Where was I going there. Get with the program!!!!!!! Create, Love and SHout!

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  1. There are places like that if you look hard enough. You can volunteer at children's homes for abused and neglected kids through the county or senior facilities are always more than happy to have people come in and volunteer for art rehab. I've also spent time working with people with mental impairments (autism and severely retarded)with their art therapy. Call your local community college's volunteer center for a list if you need help. Here is a link to one public school in the OC area that emphasizes Art and Sciences: http://www.elsolacademy.org/news.php

    Keep shouting!