Saturday, August 22, 2009

New York New York.

I have an artist friend that is not very happy with himself. Moody SOB! I feel bad for him. I want to say snap out of it. Quit feeling like that. Look at the bright side. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. I could not bring myself to say those things when I am feeling those myself. We all go through a process of feeling like crap and doubting ourselves. We have to see for ourselves our purpose in order to get ourselves out of it. Looking at other peoples art is a great way to help the process. Talking with other artists can make you feel wonderful. I have a young friend in New York that is an amazing artist. He is full of life and positive energy. So much to look forward to in his talent. He is a great motivator. I never fail to feel better when we talk. This young person loves people and making people happy through his connection. His work has life. He is full of life. I love connecting with artists because I see their talent and appreciate it. I respect the gift of creativity we were given and we as artists need to remind each other of that fact that we have to give creativity respect. How? We indulge in it when ever we can. I want to open a show soon that will showcase artists that love making people happy. I want to celebrate our cause....creating to inspire. All of us showcasing our work and enjoying each others presence and appreciating the people that come to see. US. The smiles we cause. The good feeling and HIGh we feel because of all of the creativity. I guess that is alot of work to get to that point. Ok. Ill stop. Remember my fellow artist. Keep creating for the right reason. Dont hold back.

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