Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WHo is it about?

I want to paint in one base colour. I want to make a series of pieces in one base colour where they all flow in a set yet they are all unique respectively. There are so many different ideas I can flow with a set like this I am going to do it. I have shared this idea with a few artsy friends of mine and they were excited for me. Thanks ....Then I shared the idea with a couple of family and friends at the conversation table and wow. what a let down. It is OK. I am doing it anyway. I think it will hit. It will hit with me anyway. There is a painting waiting to meet someone every encounter. I will show my work and someone will fall in love with a piece. It always happens. My calling is to share my love of life through my art. I will ignore assholism. LOL. yeah assholism. for all of those assholes that cannot seem to control or stop being an asshole it is like a disease(alcoholism) they have it strong. But I love them anyway. I am kind and am a genuine gentleman. I met this artist at work...what a coincidence. He was one of these assholisms...the more we shared our love for our creating the more we bonded. he is a very good person. even though he is a homeboy form the barrio(neighborhood) He speaks so intelligently when talking about art then as soon as he talks in his normal way...or what he was conditioned in his little world...he turns in to an....you guessed it....asshole. In MOST cases art seems to bring light to love. Art is an outlet to anger, love, frustration, randomness, extremeness, abstract....it is a way for a person to let go with out numbing the senses. although some artists create best when their senses are numbed. I like to be sober. I do get high when I create. it feels like I am taking a hit of creation. I toke it all in. TOKE....not take. I have not used that term since high school. LOL ...funny I would be with my neighbors smoking all that green stuff and then I would come home and draw some weird stuff....my poor mom was scared. She thought I was loosing it. Well I Will stop there. I was loosing it in many ways. Another story! I might blog it in NONSENSE...this is about our ART senses. Yes we all have it. Art senses. Creating. Anyone can take a brush and a can of paint and make shapes. then manipulate the strokes to make an appealing form. Then add a different color to make another appealing form. then add an unappealing form next to what you created and then step back and I bet it is something that flowed from the heart. I bet it would feel great to just see what was made so simply. All that positive energy will come from it. I know some writers that experience that kind of high or positive energy from creating a masterpiece of literary works....something that people can be intellectually stimulated from reading it. OR aroused in some cases. Some of the novels I have read are better than seeing an erotic movie. It is so descriptive. The Art of the written word. Wow. There is a book that is a work of art yet it is more. It is actually a divine work. Yes. The Bible. Enough said. I began this blog telling you about my next project. One colour yet each piece unique. Very old idea my take. Who is it about? you! the person looking a the work. I will be showing here in the next couple of days because they are very easy to paint. they flow. So get off of your ass and create something. define yourself. Make an impression in your minds eye. Dream of your masterpiece and then get high! Did you get high today? We ARE talking art.
Que Dios Te Bendiga!

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