Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ok. The last post I wrote was very ofensive to some poeple. I am not sorry I wrote what I wrote so I will not apologize. All I will do Is say Art is Art. There are so many forms of Art and Art is applied to so many different industries and walks of life. We might not agree in the manner which Art is applied but nevertheless it is Art applied. We all can marvel at the pallette of colour involved or the detail in composition and we might not at all agree with the subject matter but is Art. the way some people will depict certain historical figures is offensive to some yet it is done in very good form and we can appreciate the passion the artist had when creating their piece. SO what is the problem people? I am just pointing out that Art comes in many forms and you cannot take that away from the artist. You cannot judge why they are driven to do a certain piece. IF their intentions are malicious then it is on them. We should only appreciate their creativity or dont look at the work at all. Avoid it ignore it walk away and leave the artist alone. As for our morals? Yes we have our limits and standards when it comes to what we believe....we should always stick by them. We are not talking of guaging the Art we see with what we believe. If the art is offensive then close your eyes. I think this blog is over cooked.

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  1. Good post. This is an old argument and I don't think it will ever be answered. Agree we should just 'walk past' what we consider offensive but for me art shouldn't take anything away from the viewer...just give...even if it's a provocative concept to consider. Anne C M Campbell.