Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thow Shall Create To Inspire The Masses!

We all have a gift to Inspire. We become parents we have to inspire our children to do whatever we need them to do. We become bullies we inspire people ...which is the same as manipulate....We become friends to our favorites because they need to be uplifted. We become bosses because we know how to inspire to Get the best out of people....production. We become politicians because we inspire "the people" to vote for change....lies and manipulation...We are ministers to inspire with the good word....good business...We become sales people because we need to inspire consumer interest.....We become artists to inspire clarity. We see the world differently. We see the world through our souls. We reach deep inside and translate life through our language. If there was any reason I started this blog....if you have read from the beginning was and still is to inspire to create art! We need to use our talents. Use our language to talk to people. be unselfish once or twice a year and display for everyone to see. I mean everyone. Not just that dealer you hope to sell to. Not just those rich people that whore the shit out of use. Buy low and sell high. Don't give it away because you feel that is the answer. When you sell sell high! Of course. I am talking about Interacting in a public forum(not the internet) outside with alot of us, artists...street fair, park, and tell your story. Display without selling. Make it interesting. My friend insplit showed me a video that Art IS Dead. This made me really look in the mirror. How do I respond to that default answer to people that have lost hope. I have my faith. I believe in a creator. I believe that he is there and is real. Alot of people are in religion and practice all the wonderful ignorant rituals that is a checklist to heaven. But do they believe? we'll they will find out. my point is. There are alot of artists who create their works and work hard at it. Give their one hundred percent effort and sacrifice. But do they believe in their art? Do they believe it can inspire? Do they want to share their secret? Or are they just going to let Art Die? I want to be a famous painter and sell to make lots and lots of money. Paint as many as I can and sell it for as much money as I can. Wow. And when I die I will leave my legacy. For the artists who create to survive and are honestly choosing to make a living doing what they love and more than give to the Art Community by inspiring other artists and moving towards eliminating the world of aRT IgNorance. I commend you. For those that do not care about the true education of Children first and then the general public inspiring and influencing with Art....constantly developing productive ways for our community of artists to get involved collaborating to teach about a soul enriching visual experience learning about different Art. Visual. In front of your face. Real. Not the computer. I am making it a point now to explore , interview, and visit artists, galleries and any and all venues contributing to "ART REVIVAL" What a commitment. Can you make that commitment with me? Ok. Maybe after a few reports and photos of me doing this will help. KEEP COMING BACK AND SEE.......

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  1. I'm making plans to visit some local art students late September. I hope they will be open and willing to discuss. I'm also considering an effort to visit some retired local artists, again to interview. I'd love to know what some of the elderpainters would think of the art community today. I'm also preparing to expand the blog to include young artists (13 - 21), mostly in our area. Encouraging children and young adults is one of the best ways I can think of to support the future of art.

    Commitment made! #KeepArtAlive