Monday, July 20, 2009

At Least You Can See It"

There it was so bold and loud. Yet full of emotion. Textures very coarse yet somehow flowing. Like lava...dangerous yet beautiful. I could stare at it for hours. It was almost mouth-watering. The reds and oranges were so beautiful like the evening sunset with light clouds radiating through like a kaleidoscope. Wonderful vertical lines. Streaking with beauty. ALIVE....bold, peaceful. So many emotions. There was no subject yet it had wonderful composition. An abstract. It was something. It was real. It was emotions on canvas. Brilliant. From the heart. IT took time you can tell. This piece was special. A "masterpiece". A true masterpiece in the sense. personal. very could see the pain and joy in the process. You can see the brush strokes and the depth is which he applied the pressure. You could almost see the tears where they dried as he was creating. You could almost sense the excitement as he signed it. "X" marked the spot. Literally...he signed with an "X" unique! My words are running because I am such a dumb ass and my vocabulary is not so profound and articulate. Second because I am so blown away to find out the artist was blind. WOW! Truly amazing. Amazing that this man used his other senses to paint. He did not know the colors being applied but he felt and imagined the texture. He used anything he could get his hands on to apply the paint. He created with such reality. He was himself. In his mind he was releasing his demons. He was erasing all doubt. His story was special. He was creating his life's drama. He was sharing his heart. He was not worried about anything else except the flow and the feeling of the piece. We should all create to inspire...."at least we can see" We have the advantage...or do we have a weakness. We can see. We are too judgmental. we are too critical. Create like your are blind. Feel what you paint. Paint like your sight will be gone tomorrow. Appreciate. Paint like it is your masterpiece. The final legacy. Intensify your efforts. Let it all out.

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