Sunday, July 19, 2009

Self Taught Confidence

I just read a fascinating article. all of you artists that feel intimidated by the art world. All those cocky, arrogant know it all educated mumbo jumbo artists. The make the shy artist feel as if they are less with their smug looks. I feel for them. I felt that way but now I could care less. I just love the feeling of making people happy with my art and hate the negativity surrounding that world. My world needs to be simple. Sometimes we make our own lives very complicate with our issues. We should find something we love and latch on to it and not let go. That certain thing we love to do will carry us through the bad and good times. For me it is creating as most of he people reading this blog love art as I do. We need to latch on to our creative process to make our lives rich. There are two kinds of artists as I spoke about before in another posting....Ones who do it for the love of fulfillment and love of making people enjoy their work and others create for a very selfish self serving greedy purpose. the product might look the same but the passion involved always shows in the color subject texture and composition. People can tell. Paint with your hearts. Feel what you are painting, Love the purpose for which you are painting for. Anyone can create a piece of art work. We do not have to be so educated. The education is to appreciate what you already feel. The formal education is to enhance and find and explore new tools to aid in that passion. Having that piece of paper saying you spent thousands in the artistic education does not mean you are more of an artist. It just means you were blessed with the resources to explore and learn the history and be taught what the industry is all about commercially. Also you have a wonderful opportunity to formally learn new techniques and methods. Blah bLaH Blah...... What it comes down to is we can learn all of the same by talking to one another as artists in our community of creators. We all have the passion and we should share. We should all pass this love and passion to our children. To our family and friends. Go out and learn, experiment, explore, jump into new creative horizons....paint on wood, metal, use trash to create, use textures to express, paint boldly and loudly, paint soft and lovely, paint!

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