Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ART Inspires to LOVE

For all of you artists that are so arrogant as to keep your gift to yourself...shame on you and may God strike you down with a lightning bolt! No...maybe not. I am not serious.....but shame on you anyway. We create for what reason really?!? We create to fulfill some need inside. I have written about this before. We paint to inspire. We build texture to ad depth and life to our work. We want people to feel an extra umphf... when seeing our pieces. we want them to feel as well. When we convey our emotions on the medium whatever it is we want our hearts to show. We want that passion to be realized with tears and smiles. How can a person who does not use art as their escape or stimuli. How can a "non artistic" person experience that high we feel. Write! Blog! Speak kindly, warm someones heart. Care. Be compassionate. It does feel good. Forgive, smile....I know this is a corny blog. but Someone needs to be smiled at. Someone needs to create the art of love and kindness and create a wonderful masterpiece of passionate kindness.....create a work of loving heartwarming words of wisdom to each other. It sounds like bullshit to this negative world we live in. We are so caught up in our societies words "me" "I" or F U!. We all have so much to give and offer each other. We all can learn something everyday from our fellow man if we just pay attention. I for one am learning in this stage in my life that I am a hypocrite and I have to correct it. I have to show more kindness to my fellow man. I have to keep my loved ones in my thoughts and prayers. I have to be more forgiving. Am I religious now? No! I hate religion. I hate the stupid lies that certain cultures brainwash our fellow man to believe that God is available with Debit Or Master Card or Visa. I wont go into a rant on what I believe. What I will say Is I love my fellow man/woman. I cannot please everyone. I can always keep everyone in my good thoughts and prayers to the God that does not judge. The God that does not require a credit check. The God that does not get mad if I do not dress a certain way. The God that appreciates I always think about him and not the religious figure on the pulpit lying to me. The God that Gave me my gift to love people through my Art and this blog. For those of you that know me intimately and have given me the privilege to know you.....I love you so much! For those of you that are giving me the amazing opportunity to positively impact you with what I write. I love you more!

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