Monday, July 27, 2009

When Is It Done?

I have seen amazing work from some of my closest friends. They labor over their piece for days weeks months depending on the subject or person they are creating for. I know other artists that are very gifted and start in the morning and done at night. Yet they all tell me the same thing.....whether they are working on one or two they always have one on the side that takes them forever because they want to get it right and they always paint over and have a shit load of layers. By the time they are done they are ready to scream. I have 10 paintings in my garage like that. I have another stack that are completed that I do not have the courage to show anyone. I don't even want to look at them again. I am very picky about those pieces and who sees them. Why? I am not sure if they are done. Funny. But I have not signed them. Funny thing about rusted metal when you turn them against the wall they look like trash. Those or my life's treasures. they are my hearts creations. Yet I cannot seem to finish. Example. I was really frustrated with a dragon I was painting. Firstly I was not painting it for anyone, then I never could figure out how to finish the damn thing. Then finally every time I propped it up on the easel I stared at it for a half an hour before putting it back because I did not want to risk ruining it. Then one day I took it put it on the easel and then finished it in 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES! After months and months of this darn thing staring at me. I have had mixed reviews about it and do not really care. I love it. And it is on my wall in my living room. I am committing myself to just line them up and finish them. I have allot of pieces that stare at me all the time. I think I have split personality. In all of this I realize one thing. I am so blessed to have this problem. I can create and be inspired, inspire and show people my heart with what is made with my hands! I am blessed. Was there a point here? Oh well that's it for now.

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