Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who Are You?

When you are a child you worry about what you will be when you become an adult. The American school systems brainwash you into believing that a productive citizen is a money making machine. Yes we have to invest in our livelihood in the American way. Pay bills of the debt we acquired from the the media reinforced product ads we buy buy buy and then we pay pay pay. Our children learn at a young age to buy buy buy with their parents money. The upper echelon of education puts a whole family in debt with the price of the education. They teach you something so you can be something then you spend the rest of your precious life paying with a job doing something you didn't learn about in school when you wanted to be someone. I think it is called status. Going to that school. Buying that car. wearing those clothes having that job that barely pays for the credit card to have these expensive things and all of it for just to brag you have it. Someone will work allot of hours away from what is important to acquire all of this. Most of the stuff you get from all these hours sits at home and when you return home you are too tired to see it or use it. Your children are growing fast and you do not get to see that. Your significant other finds that FRIEND to help them cope with you being away all the time. Where is the justification of this mess we created? Our death comes quick. then we leave the debt to our families. And the vicious cycle is not broken. This is not a lecture or a blog on how to spend our money. That is your business. This is not a rant about working too much. This is a realization of who we are. As artists we are here on this earth to create. We are here to enrich each others lives in community. The rest of the folks in this world can figure it out. We are very special people and there are allot of us. the rest of the world is caught in the trap of perversions and the hustle and bustle of this worldly life. We have a church we belong to. the church of creativity. We can express ourselves with beautiful creations that exist only when we allow them to. We make these creations with our hands. We give life to many other things besides the art we make. Our church is in session when we pick up that brush. We worship when we focus on our art. We pray when we lose our consciousness and become entranced in front of our piece. Our purpose is to create. Create pieces of work that inspire. Create works of art that show our passion for life. We are not of this world in our community. We don't believe the bullshit. We have our status. We are artists. Simple. We are here for a reason. There are soooo many of us and yet more than less are asleep and are afraid like I was. I am awake and love who I am. I lost my job and that corporate status and realized who I was 5 minutes after my boss was bullshitting me about how a billion dollar company cannot afford my little paycheck and bonus. WOW. I saw the the light right there. He asked me what I was going to do...I said "Paint" My painting was my savior. God gave me that gift. For about 6-7 years now I have been creating pieces of artwork that make people feel all sorts of emotions from a medium I never new could be used. All my life I was creating works of art just to keep the interest. Now I am in love with life because my life has a purpose. ART....Who are you?

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