Wednesday, July 22, 2009

rEpOsT....What Is An Artist?"

I hope someone can shed light on this question. What is an Artist? As I was pondering the word Artist I was remembering being told at a young age that an artist is a person that has gone to college and has been classically trained. HUGH? I don't agree...see Wikepedia is not like being a doctor or a lawyer. I started to believe all the lies I was told at a very young age. I had a complex about this issue. I did not feel good enough to create anything. I felt I had to be perfect in a certain style or medium. It felt awful because creating felt good to me. Showing people what I created and helping them feel happy because of my art was very satisfying, fulfilling, special. I loved sharing ideas and and hearing about other artists creations. I loved having conversations about art period. I felt for a long time I could not be a part of that world because I was not good enough to be called an artist. The few pieces I created when I was a young man brought joy to people in a very negative state. Then I started to realize the power the creative process has. The joy it can bring to someones little world. A piece of art can be treasured by someone if it is given. It can bring so much happiness. If the artist puts his heart in a piece and truly CREATES it the piece will have a life of it's own and give life if needed. It can wake up a sleeping soul. It can stir emotion in a very shallow dry face. Art can bring life to a suffocating world. It can inspire. Art can inspire like the written word can. The more you create the more you are energized. Life takes a new meaning. If any negative that can come out of that is knowing life is too short to get all the ideas out of your head to create them and give them life for someone to share with you. Creating life from nothing you are giving birth to a living piece. Isn't that an artist? An artist cannot buy his talent. Even a learned student of art has to have passion for what he or she creates. They will have to truly love what they create. Why are they creating it in the first place. to show to someone. If I were an artist painting in a closed door room and I was lonely and did not socialize....even then my true hope would be is that my art would receive acceptance in someones little world. I have had the wonderful blessing of someone loving my creations and they are hanging on their walls. I have also had the displeasure of giving someone a gift of art and they through it away or stick it in their garage and use it as a table...Hey that's OK....different strokes for different folks. I am an artist. I love creating pieces of work for the world to enjoy. If I could live off of painting and giving paintings away to everyone that wants one I would. But I cannot pay the bills that way. I have to work and paint in my spare time. I am an artist. I know creating is from the soul. I love people. I love making people happy. I have always been a fan of the smile kiss and hug.I ask you. What Is An Artist?

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