Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When I see clowns I smile. I get inspired to join them and make people happy. I love clowns because they are so creative. They are special people. they are unique. They glow. they make life or the negative in life forgettable. I do not want to beat a dead horse so to speak. I just talked about being positive with great passion. Dont worry not another rant. If an artist needs inspiration just look at the clowns. They adlib. They have structure and a reason.....but they go in not knowing what the crowd will respond to. they go in changing it up and going with plan b-z. They are always on their game. They can find something fresh and something old and make it new. That is the way artists should create pieces of work. Artists should always ne ever expanding in their uniqueness and their ability. they should always go for the texture and color rather than worry about the composition of the subject. Did I make sense? In other words....keep it simple. Paint what you love. If the recipient doesnt like it you cant convince them. If I dont like chili sugar wont help it.

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