Saturday, July 25, 2009

RED Paint

Has anyone ever had a color that makes them feel alive. Red is that color for me. I don't know why. I have seen artists use a certain technique or medium that they are comfortable with. They use it because they flow with it. Using red is very liberating. I know that sounds weird. My favorite color is blue. All the mixtures of blue yet I love painting with red. For some reason it brings things to life. I love color and texture. What artist doesn't. I am not telling anyone anything that they already don't know.....All I know is I have been told I use red too much by different people...I say to them...quit looking at my work. The work I create is for people who want to look at it not people who want to manipulate what I create to suite their internal needs. Any artist should create to impact their life and the world sustained by their art not to adjust to their surroundings. I think that is called selling out. I almost did sell out this year. I almost considered changing my methods and style to get my work out there. If I would have went along with that plan then it would not have been my work. My work that I create is loved and loved because of it's uniqueness. That is my word here today. Keep your passion for who you are. Identify with that uniqueness and RUN with it. Go with IT. Create IT!

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