Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting High

I was having a conversation with a co worker about draw and paint. He is an illustrator. I am a painter. We were going back ad forth like fighters in a ring. He was jabbing with his sketching I was countering with my brush. He would through a kick with his shading I would take him down with my texture. Back and forth. We stood there for a few minutes. Then before I knew it I was there for 20 minutes and realized I have to get back to work! After we talked I was filled with a sense of light-headedness. I could not understand. yesterday I was talking to a friend about painting a piece for their house. I was asking about the color scheme subject matter and then somehow we got into why and how I choose a subject for someone or how do I know when and how? Before I knew it I am talking a hundred miles an hour and not paying attention to the road. My head is really light. I feel really relaxed. I am getting silly and loud and have the munchies....all of the sudden. I thought to myself...I am HIGH! Yes that is that feeling. I get that feeling when I talk about art....I am alone when I paint and I just remembered every time I paint I listen to music I get into a trance because I always get pissed off that the day went by to fast. If I paint on a Saturday and start early in the morning Ill let the day go by and it will be dark and I did not get anything done so it seems. It is such a wonderful experience. Imagine If I was high and painting? NO. I don't think my family would appreciate it. Welllllll? NO! I wont. :) I guess my reason for Writing such a provocative entry is that when runners get to a certain length into there run they experience euphoria or runners high. IT is a very weird experience. All those chemicals are released here and there blah blah blah.....It is the same kind that are released when you introduce a drug to do it intentionally. This is done naturally. I am not a medical student so I cannot esplane the terminologymumbojumbo. All I know is I get an artists high. I love it!

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