Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Working Artist

How does a working artist survive without creating? How can someone have a passion for painting and not be able to create his work? Were is the time found? Do they sleep? Do they ignore their families and lose precious time with them? It is a dilemma that I have talked about to with my peers. They are frustrated because there time is precious. To be a single artist is of course ideal. Work come home paint and relax. But..spending time with our families is paramount and we have to be very respectful of that....I personally would rather be painting for a living. Wake up 6am...paint. Create. Visit galleries ad network. Come home paint. I need that. Boy! Starving Artist is a real word in this world. So what do we do. We cannot function in this world with out a way to make a living to support our responsibilities. We have to meet those expectations and commitments. Where do we go from here? Wake up early Saturday and Sunday. When your family is ready to go stop. Choose a day of the week that you can sacrifice some sleep. Tuesday. Monday is tiring as it is....go to bed early Monday night and keep in mind to Paint Tuesday. Stay up Tuesday after your family goes to sleep. Battle through the workday Wednesday....get some rest Thursday night. Then you have Friday an all nighter!!! Sleep in Saturday Morning. Or go to bed early Friday night and the wake up early Saturday. There are so many ways to pick away at your work. I know I am talking out of my ass with all of this for some but there are a few people that follow this blog will agree that we need to sacrifice comfort for our passions...Our passion makes us comfortable. Our passion gives us energy. Our passion makes it all worth while. Keep this in mind. Don't guarantee your self in your mind the plan that you will have time to paint when things get better....or your eulogy will be read that "he/she loved painting so much but ran out of time" It is God's gift so find a way to thank him by using it...And if you are an athiest....well....I feel sorry for you if you are not is a once around shot. Good Luck.

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