Friday, July 17, 2009

Blank Stare

I was looking at the the wall when I should have been looking at my piece to complete. I was looking at the thoughts floating around the air in front of me like ideas teasing me and I cannot duplicate what I see. I wonder if I am the only artist the does this. My blank stare tells the whole story. I am trying to capture the one piece of inspiration for my next masterpiece. I will sit there for a long time when I am thinking through it too much. What is funny....when I just start to create an idea from nothing and add color to color and shapes to shapes......Everything seems to fall in line when I just create. The small things are big and the big things are very small. I love when Everything flows and falls into place. I make so many mistakes that way but The mistakes turn into wonderful opportunities for color and texture. It's is funny how we make excuses to justify our blank stares. If I could just paint all day and not work day to day would I have more ideas? Would that be inspiration? I often wonder. I know I am probably going around in circles right now and this rant is non productive. I want to connect with all of you and share the experiences in hopes of striking a cord with someone. Maybe something can help....or you can respond and have a healthy argument. We can help each other get away from nonproductive spending of our free time. Blanks stares....Or watching the tube too much. That is not creative for artists. That is a very blank stare...

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