Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Artsy People

I remember I use to think that the term "Artsy People" was a negative thing. Like someone was trying to offend me. I have been surrounding myself with Artsy People since I have been embarking on this journey of re-discovery. I have been attending all these events and shows and the only people that are there are people who like art...hence the term Artsy People. I have noticed that people who express themselves through creating are more open to conversation and opinion. Yet in their own worlds they are somewhat withdrawn. I myself cannot converse as openly with people that do not appreciate art. that is all I want to talk about is creating, what others created, what am I going to create, how we see the world through artists eyes. there are so many things that interest me about this new world I want to share and hear people share with me. I am drawn to researching, seeing listening and exploring the new. I spent a whole lifetime of doing the opposite. I never knew this world of art was so wonderful. So fulfilling. I need to make up time. In 2 1/2 months of being in this world 100 percent I have gone so very far. For me that is so wonderful because I doubted myself for so many years. I doubted my creativity and yet I have enjoyed every step. Now the possibilities are endless. I dream of showing my work exclusively and sharing with a larger audience bridging the gap between artsy and non-artsy people. This needs to be done. Although some people in this community do not it to grow. They like their little bubble. Exclusive little world. What a shame that there has to be two worlds equal in interest and in passion. What it comes down to for some people is money and value. I understand that. What I don not understand is the disrespect for the arts. We cannot change thousands of years of the same.

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