Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thick Skin.

The term thick skin took a whole new meaning when I started this journey exploring my dream of being an artist. I have met so many wonderful people. Yet every once in a while I run across someone that is very .....smug. Stuck up. Opinionated in a very negative tone. I do not mind someone being very candid with me and giving me there insight on my work. It is ok and very healthy to hear the truth whether or not it is in your favor or not. In reality it is all in your favor when as an artist someone is very honest. I get a very honest perspective. BUT there are those people that seem to search out that word that will create a stir in you. They for some reason or another enjoy that. Yes I have to admit it does get to me deep in the recesses of my little feelings getting hurt. But I always remind myself I am not here to please them. First and foremost I am doing this for me. If by chance there are people that enjoy looking for my work and truly appreciating my style then it is for them. I know these people will be honest with me and tell me if I am not giving them my all. They will tell me the honest truth if I am trying to display something not as exciting. I want to create an emotion from people. I want to have someone sit in front of my work and appreciate it. I want te love. I do not need validation. I do not need acceptance. I do not need my ego to be pumped. I reached that when I was working as a manager in a steel company and there were rules on how to move up. I achieved that and was a part of the boys club. They took care of me well. That chapter in my life is over. THis is a very different humbling part of my life now. I am being a part of peoples life now. The people who buy my work or recieve as a gift are carrying a part of me for however long they have my work on their walls. I acknowledge that they are truly looking for a piece of work with passion and love in it. they want their wall to carry something special. I hope that I can be that artist they look to for this. SO when I am a part of a show or event in a venue where the public is involved I am opening up myself to all and every expression comment opinion and that takes alot of thick skin. But it does not stop there. The most judgmental of all of these types of people are from our peers. When we gather at a function where there are all artists and we are exchanging ideas and looking at each others art...they will be your worst and or best critic. They will be the most smug or kind person. They can also be your worst nightmare if you stir them the wrong way.....they do their damn-est to blackball you in this small world that is the art community. Everyone knows each other. Thick skin takes on a new meaning.

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