Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Why do people in the art industry act smug? I do not understand it. Is it because the curators have to have their ass kissed to get a piece shown? Maybe. I really think people have to lighten up. Maybe these art gallery owners and curators are sick of the desperate artist always getting i their face. Could it be they are just so busy with all those famous artists that they are showing in their gallery and they are making tons of money? No ....that might not be it. I am not a very educated man but....the last gallery that invited me to visit them and they were interested in my work was more desperate than I. They wanted for me to pay them, and then take a 50/50 cut. I guess it is the economy. Maybe it was because they really do not care for the work and are more concerned with the rent. Yeah. I wouldnt know what I am talking about until I own my own gallery and had to pay the bills. I have a feeling that these high end galleries are suffering more than the downtown everyday galleries because they are too stuck up to lok at the real struggling artist who has amazing work. They ask questions like..."do you have a website?" "Are you represented?" the general questions. So. up and coming artists have to be rich already? These galleries are getting away from showcasing new talent because it is a risk for them.

Which brings me to Long Beach. My city. Wonderful city for art. Is see a powerful wave of Art coming. Yet we as artists have to keep these people in the Art community/powers to be hinest. They are starting out with an agenda. They want to do the same thing with the artists that the high end galleries do. They put up so many rules that people are not enjoying the true artist. What they are getting is a gathering of commercialization already. We are holding back all these wonderful talents that are silent because they are so intimidated by these fools. Yes our city has to make some of these road blocks go away. OR art will die. Art is alive and wants to thrive. There are so many people that want to show there work. There is a public out there that does not know what a feeling they can get from seeing this work. So many of us just want to show. Selling is back seat to the feeling of seeing people enjoy their work. I even enjoy people coming to my showing or event and criticizing my work. At least they are taking the time to be involved.

Well...either way we look at it the community has to revive our interest for art. The artists have to be brave and create. The city has to ease restrictions for venues. The public have to come out to the art walks and support the community. All of this in turn will help our children ..believe it or not. they will show an interest and will want to create...this is very healthy. An alternative outlet to video games and chatting. there is nothing wrong with social media...hey I am blogging here. But there is a fine line we draw when it comes to our children. We have to instill a sense of inspiration and creativity. This will carry them through their adult years. they will be well balanced and have less social problems. Well...I am not a psychologist. I am not a teacher. I am not a social worker or expert on the human psyche. I am an artist. I just love people. I know. this is a true rant...sensless rant. Read it if you want. Hey. If you are reading this sentence...that means you read the whole damn thing. Ok...Now go throw up. God Bless.

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