Friday, December 4, 2009

Something New!

I never thought I could create pieces that were so different from what I paint. I am painting some abstract pieces without any kind of form. Just color and composition. I try and give a composition anyway!!! lol. I just went with the flow. I went with my spirit. I painted from my soul. I have never arranged colors and shapes in such a way. I did not even structure a shape.....more like a streak of paint and a space of bare metal here and there with color mixed in. Texture from the rust peaking through. Splats of paint over the entire pieces. It is interesting. At first I did not want to continue ....then one error led to another and WAMMO! It was a piece. A piece of what I dont know. But I did manage to get out of my rut I was in this morning. Everyone in my twitter and facebook family kept on telling me to take a walk, take a break....NO! Paint! I say...paint until it comes to you. That is what I did. My 701 year old mother just lost her husband, my dad...and she wants to walk/jog/run again already. She feels weak and down but she still wants to press on. There is a saying she has told me since I was a child.."querer es poder" It translates very plainly...but in essence it is Ambition is Power! To want is your strength! If you always want to improve in your life it is very powerful the things we can achieve. So I am not afraid. I tried something totally different then what I was comfortable with. I will be displaying this in my next public display next weekend. I will be vulnerable but If I do not open myself i will never grow. For all of you who read this. I love you all.

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