Sunday, December 13, 2009

Artistic Humility

Today there is hope for the artist. Today there is hope for the struggling artist. Today there is hope for the humble struggling artist. Why? Because there are so many people who want to seee the real artist come out and be him/herself. There are some curators and artists that are too selective when it comes to the person and not so much concerned with the body of work. They promote a persona instead of the gift. I have met so many wonderfully talented individuals who create wonderful magnificent works of art. Why have I not heard about these people. To them it doesnt matter because they are humble and they create their works for the people who follow them. They create their works for their community. I have this preconception of people in this industry and it was not a very nice picture. As I am getting to know so many and network myself in this is turning out to be a very satisfying experience. Smug gives way to careful and protective. Stuck up gives way to educated and focused. The more I talk with all these different people the more I am starting to understand. I do not agree with their reasons or actions but I understand. Trust is a very big factor in this art community. You have to be involved and have chemistry with them. Paying your dues means give and take. I see the humility of the artist. these artists bust their ass and accept the worst of criticism when they know no one has a right to criticize. We are all in this together. We all have a voice in our work. We all have a different interpretation of what our eyes see. We exhibit our form differently. Yet I go back to what I have said previously...there is always that ten percent of people that want to for some reason be that roadblock....or challenge. They are very comfortable with who they know and who puts up with their shit that they are very selective in who they let in. Who is they? they are the people that try and make the rules. They are the people with the money to buy the high end stuff. Who paints in the high end have to know someone to be noticed..or you have to be unique AND exceptional. That is rare. But there is hope. Do not stop hoping. Do not stop trying. Do not stop working hard. Do not stop dreaming. Never take no for an answer. No is just a detour for a longer journey but not a roadblock. Love and have passion for what you do. Show that passion in your work by not compromising what you paint or create. All bullshit aside....keep it there....aside. Move on and smile, hope and stay positive. This might be your last day createing and tomorrow did not come.

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