Saturday, December 19, 2009


Canvas is very intimidating. I dont know why but it feels as if I will be painting naked. I will expose a part of me I would not want everyone to see. I paint on rusted shet metal. I have my own medium to work with., I cannot be compared to anyone else as far as the way I create texture. I know I am not the best artist even by any stretch...but I have met so many people that love what I do. Painting on canvas would be a waste of time for me. I would just be competing against the whole world. I am comfortable in my little niche. I need to experiment. I need to reach out and be brave and creative like I tell everyone to. where do I begin? that is a very hard on for me. CANVAS! Just saying that word is very bone chilling for me. Canvas. Ok. I love creating colors and textures on surfaces . I could probably work with wood as well. I could probably work on poster board. But canvas. Ok. maybe I am making more out of it than it really is. Can someone out there in Blog-o-sphere help? Do I have any people that actually read this that can send me an inspirational rational comment? Or did I lose everyone that reads this thing with my horrible rants. Oh well. Life goes on.

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