Monday, December 21, 2009

Create and Shut Up!

Sometimes I find myself in a pity party. Whining about why I am not painting. Why I cannot be inspired. I look back and realize I am a big idiot. I have been given a gift to create and I cannot find a reason to what a waste of time. the reasons are all around us. God gave us the reason all over our environment. I know we need to create certain pieces as artists for a theme or commission....but sometimes we are in a block and have nothing in the tank. Walk outside, get out your sketch pad and draw the trash cans sitting next to the tree. For that matter paint the damn things pink. Paint an abstract with the shape. That is a bad example...but I think for the 2 people that read my blog the chances might be 50/50 that one will understand. I hope! Then sometimes we cry about the products we use. they have to be a certain make. I am glad I do not have that problem. I just paint with that I can find. I coat it with an enamel clear anyway. So I think maybe just maybe if I was a canvas paintiner things would be different with me....Oh well. maybe not. this rant is for people making excuses to not take out the brush from your ass and apply it to the canvas or surface you create on. If you paint on canvas...try another surface. Paint on a plank of wood or cabinet door. A cabinet door has the interior for the composition and the border is the frame. Paint on an old trash can lid. Make the paint thick give it texture. Maybe I just am a little eccentric when it comes to my work. As I try and rediscover myself on a daily basis I focus on what I enjoy creating. I am realizing that there is a following for every type of art. So there is hope for me. I am not the type of artist that will appeal to the masses like say davinci! He stood the test of the ages. He was brilliant. So diverse. We all have our niche. And if that is another not even go there. We are all unique...paint what you enjoy. If what you enjoy is not marketable? then market better. If your sole purpose is to make money and not for the enjoyment then people will see right through it. 

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