Friday, December 18, 2009

Remind Me NOT to paint on comission.....

Actually...I do not mind painting something someone requested. It is just when I ask them for the truth.....Sometimes it does not go well. Honestly we cannot read someones mind. They have a certain picture in their mind and they need to be comfortable with it. There should always be a sketch or a rough draft like the tattoo artists do. The person told me that she will leave it in my hands. That right there made me nervous. My gut told me to make sure she approves of the composition before I actually started the piece. It is much easier to paint what I feel and someone going to an event/show/gallery and pick what is already done. At least they get what they wanted in the first place. So this article is to remind all of us ...including myself to make sure to show a rough draft. I spent 10 straight hours on this piece. too bad for the next person trying to make an offer on it. I am not letting it go so easy. In the end. I had a wonderful 10 hours creating a piece I enjoyed creating. That is the most important. My work was not and never felt like it was work. I have spent hours on a piece and when it was completed it was awful....yet someone else wanted it and loved it. So I guess to each his/her own. What ever floats your boat.

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