Thursday, January 12, 2012

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I write my heart and soul and som read and take offense. Dont read my friends. If this offends you then dont read. I will continue to write. I am not saying anything offensive. i am giving words of wisdom. My view, my take on life. I am trying to inspire people to live their lives happy. I do not know how that is offensive. I am not cramming it down your throat. You chose to read this page. You made the decision to click on my blog, or you typed in my web page here. I did not call you or contact you. If you accessed my page through facebook you were my friend and had seen my address there.

We all have the ability in life to make a choice in anything and everything we do. We make the choice to eat that twinkie and gain a few extra pounds. We make the choice to have that one beer that led to a six pack that led to a DUI. no one forced you. You had a character flaw in you that allowed you to be influenced by your peers to take a hit which led to a termination based on a drug test that was administered the following day. No one to blame. You decided to call off the relationship and regret it knowing you made a mistake and cannot get that person back. We all have a choice.

We have a choice to make the right decisions. We have a choice to wake up in the morning happy and appreciative of the wonderful day we are given. It is how we percieve life as to how we are going to experience it. It is how we internalize our daily experiences to dictate how we are going to feel. this is an amazing life. We are so powerful of a race. We are the human race filled with diversity and color. Filled with talent and wonder. We are so powerful we can do anything we set our MINDS to. It does not have a limit as to how. It does not have a limit as to where. We can and we are and we will. We WILL it to happen. We are going to make it happen and we can acheive. Ever heard the term "make your mind up" well that is very real. Once you make your mind up to anything you want you can have it all. Happiness and joy are the first things we should always be thankful for and desire. Isnt that what we ultimately crave anyway. We look for that feeling through material things. We think we can achieve this joy through external sensations. We already have all we need within us. We can find all of our lifes answers internally. All we have to do is listen. Quiet yourself and listen.

If you do anything else today, focus on joy.

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