Saturday, January 7, 2012

There is more.

What a wonderful time to be alive. We have so much technology at our availability that we can learn so much about humanity and each other. Yet we choose to work negatively towards our lives. We choose to make horrible decisions to distract ourselves from our reality. Our reality is happiness and joy. We have taken a road as a whole to avoid the real person we are. We are a very loving race. A creature in this world created to love and be loved. We find so many ways to damage that legacy. The legacy that was given to us by the entity that created us. There is so much proof of this theory that there is a united movement to trash that legacy and say it is false. Science has spoken out in support of the theory of intelligent design and there is growing proof. Researchers have disected what they can of our DNA and what we are comprised of to the core of the atoms that support everything we are composed of. They have viewed that atom and found that there is a smaller world within our atoms to be explored. Energy flows. We can manipulate what shape they take. We are in complete control of our core. We are in complete control of our life. And  yet we rely on something else. We rely on someone else to influence us. We fail to inspire ourselves. We fail to look within our own soul and spitit for answers. Where does this innate hate for what has created us come from. Why is it so strong? I do not understand why there is such a war against love. Why? I love you. All of you. I know we all have some kind of pain we hold in our hearts that sometimes direct the path we take in life. We all develope that fear within us that manifests itself as a roadblock to impede our progress. Fear is destructible. Some say a certain amount of fear is healthy to keep us humble and knowing where we come from. Fear is said to motivate us. Bullshit. Fear is bad. Love and confidence in ourself. If we did not have fear we would be insanely brave. There is a fine line between fear and discernment. Discernment is a map of choices. We make choices based on what we feel and our desires. We know instictively which direction to go. We know in our hearts by what we know and we avoid the roadblocks someone else is creating for us. If we are in tune with our soul, that innate divine energy we are given as a gift at birth, we will know which direction is where we will reap the benefits of being humble to our voice. All is am saying is to quiet your mind. Listen to your deep voice. It is very quiet in this world because of the distractions. You know what they are. Get rid of that shit. Focus. Quit making excuses.

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