Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creative Frustration

So what do you do if you are always happy and things seem to always still be challenging in life? If everything you do seems to still take you in a dead end. If the world is ending despite your positive attitude. I do not recall anyone so happy and positive that has had a bad life experience. I see some people come down with end of life illnesses and have an amazing experience in their last days. Reconnect with loved ones lost. Experience times that filled them with completness. Gave their family and friends loving last memories of them. We all have something good to give each other in any time of our life. We all can be so giving of ourselves and make someone feel empowered by the gif of love you offer. There is enough to go around. Al you have to do is turn to your flank and smile. Give a hello. Compliment someone. Wave to the beggar. If you cannot afford to support him smile. Greet a co-worker. smile at the cash register person.  Let a person in your lane once in a while. Wave at the person that lets you in their lane. Say thank you. Open the door for someone. Small things that will in turn give you a greater chance of having that reward of joy. Change your attitude towards people. wish well not bad. Do you get what I am saying here? KARMA is a bitch that never forgets.

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