Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Create Inside

How do we deal with life and balance our attempt at creating art every day. How do we balance the chore of living our lives the way our world demands it. Should we be appreciative of the opportunity we have living in our respective places where if we have the freedom to express we should by all means find the time. Rather than complain that we have no time because we are too busy with work and responsibilities. What about the places in the world where people do not have the luxury of having access to being creative. Do not have the freedom to be able to create. Their lives are hinged on finding food and shelter or keeping safe from gunfire. Trying to find ways to avoid disease and keep their families safe. We are blessed to have our freedom if we have it. We are truly selfish if we are to think we are so in a bad place when we are capable of so much more. We are capable of creating our world. There are people that create a happy place in the most horrid conditions. We who have all that we can have are still unhappy. IS it a state of mind or is it a situation that we have a need or cannot avoid unhappiness? Are we in a place where unhappiness is justified? Can we resolve the issues that we have allowed in our lives to be unhappy? Other than death, tragedy and loss, we have all the tools to be happy. All the resources to be happy. We can grieve. Yes we can be sad for a season. When we clear our minds it is time to focus on our happiness. We touch so many lives when we share our joy to others. WE create an environment of joy. People watch us and see and feel our pain and joy. We are all connected in some way. Even the most destitute of a human being affects another. A homeless person has family and loved ones. When they disappeared they left behind worry and anxiety. They leave an empty space for some lives wondering where their loved one has gone.
I try to open eyes with these tid bits of my thoughts. Take it for what it is. We are all creators of joy. We are all loving breathing souls connecting everyday in our own unique way. As artists we need to connect through our creative avenues. We need to relate to others and connect through our masterpieces. They are all masterpieces we share with everyone. Not sharing our works is selfish. Not sharing our joy is selfish. There is no such thing as “I smile inside”. “I create for myself”. I know we all have privacy issues and shyness as artists but if we can touch one life and reach someone we are good. We are justified.
These are just my thoughts. These are not things that are going to be broadcasted over the airwaves to convince others that this is the way to think. It is my thought. My opinion. I share my thoughts in a conversation with you through this forum that you the reader has chosen to follow or read. I have not solicited my voice to you. I have the privilege of having you as an audience and am humbled that someone takes the time to see what I feel. It might resonate it might cause a bit of a hurtful thought, it might make you angry. In essence we are all supportive of each other in this journey and we should somehow try to give of each other to teach each other something from our experiences. Is there a point to this entry? Yes.

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