Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leave it behind you!

The idea of thinking and feeling positive is that you have to be always aware that your thouights can change your life. You can be feeling like crap and crappy things are going to happen. When you feel great and are happy no matter the challenge in life you will experience positive things. Sometimes I am feeling so happy and when I am alone with my thoughts...other crazy ideas and emotions creep into my mind. I start to wander around my past and posibilities. I start to reminisce about what decisions I have made throughout my life that have affected others. Could I have done something different to make life easier for someone I love? Have I hurt others because of my selfishness? Have there been loved ones that I could have reached out to before they perished? So many what ifs and could have beens? Is it worth to revisit? If to learn from those experiences I say yes it is ok. As long as it is all in perspective for you. You have to know going into doing that mental research that it is the past. You cannot let it affect you in anyway. Who you are now, hopefully, is a wonderful caring positive loving person that has risen above all of the crap from the past. Do not torture yourself with the baggage of guilt and regret. Look forward to a wonderful place in your life where you can forgive yourself of the negative choices you made. Choices that might have created a very uncomfortable world for you. If anything look at it as a strengthening of your character. Now you know what NOT to do going forward.

Life is so beautiful. It is a gift everyday we wake up. We need to spend the precious moments appreciating each other and loving one another. I say again and again. Quit your bitchin and moaning and get to feeling joy! Create yourself a life of happiness. Be a life artist and create Joy!

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