Monday, February 20, 2012


Are you happy? Can you honestly say that you are? If you are not what is keeping you from being happy? Money? Status? Looks? Love? Relationship? Excuses? How do you get from unhappiness to happiness? Is it some level of attaining that something first before you can feel shangrilah?? Why can't you just make the decision to be happy. Feel complete because you want to. Why can't you just love the person you are and not let life's standards become you. We all have a choice to make our own. Yet we believe the lies. The world is caught up in this whirlwind of distraction and we cannot focus on what is important. Us. Our soul. Our dying spirit. If only we can hear that crying voice inside yearning to feel the joy we were born with. We miss that innocent happiness that we had as children. We avoid it. I can remember the feeling of being outside with my friends running all over the neighborhood playing chase, tag or hide and seek. Innocently , fearlessly. Not worrying about circumstances or the danger of young children alone on the streets. We were so very happy. Screaming making noise. Saying hello to the neighbors. Waving at the passersby in their vehicles. Talking with the local police officer. It was such an innocent time. I finally after all these years feel that happiness in my heart. Amongst all the daily stresses I face and not allow to penetrate. I arm myself with innocence. The innocence our creator gave us at birth. the joy we had as children. Some adults, and parents rob our youth of these delicate times. these memories never become. Their innocence is taken away. they justify this atrocity by pointing to their own childhood missing this glorious time. So now our children suffer. Is not the children of the world our most precious natural resource? A source of love and joy for all of us to protect and admire. To learn from to keep us sane? To remind us that life is precious. our world leaders are selfish. We are selfish. I can continue to go on about this. And with a passionate roar yell from the top of my rooftop. What will that accomplish. All I can do is love you. Love my family. Love my children and their children. Reach out to the reachable. help the people that allow. Look in that mirror of yours and listen to the image looking back at you telling you that you are a piece of you know what. The image in the mirror is perfect. A perfect creation or Lord has made. That image watches us all the time. Waiting for the image and the life to meet and become one. When will we become one with who we are suppose to be? When will we love innocently, fearlessly and unconditionally as a child does to their parents or caretaker. Nuf said. I love you!

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