Sunday, October 4, 2009

Creative Addiction

We all have a dream in life to reach some goal we internally set for ourselves. We all either dream about it daily or work towards it in some sort of way. Some people want to be fireman and they spend hours in school and classes training to get accepted into an academy. Some people want to be policeman and do the same. Some people want to get into the medical field and sacrifice their personal time for that dream to be a reality. People have dreams for careers that take them almost a lifetime to reach the standards and goals they want to reach. Some people have service as a dream. Helping people and not worrying about the income earning. They dream of the satisfaction of the well being of others. We all have expectations for our lives. We all want something. I want to create pieces of work to make people happy and inspired. I want to make people forget about the drama in their lives when they look at my art. I love to create and see people enjoy the fruits of my labor. Does this make sense. Some artists are into themselves and getting their emotion and passion out on their medium to fulfill something internal. The public is never to see it. Some artists are shown and their work inspires others and they would rather it be for themselves. Some artists want to express to the world who they are and be very open. They want to inspire and show everyone the love they have in their art. I get a true satisfaction when people are happy to see my work. I get deep feelings when I see someone gazing upon my pieces for a period of time. The other night I had my firts showing in a local Art event. It was amazing to me when I saw people stand and talk about my art. it was a wonderful feeling. Creating the pieces take alot of emotion energy and feeling. I want the people seeing my art to feel what I feel. It is very addicting to create. Create for any reason. Creating for others to see feel and enjoy.


  1. You sound like you had an amazing show and your work thrilled and/or inspired others. Congratulations on your first showing. People should set paths to follow or goals for themselves because it will help them realize & achieve what they really want in life. Continue to inspire

  2. Congratulations on a successful show! I'm glad it went so well for you!