Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art Can Never Die

I am still annoyed with this idea that art is dead. I always see people that have never seen an art gallery and or a piece of orignal work in front of them and they gaze with awe and amazement. They fall in love with the creative forces behind that piece. When you hear the phrase "that piece has a life of it's own" it is true. When an artist truly creates a piece. An original work...there is so much emotion in that piece. there is somepart of that artists. they convey their soul in that piece. All artists can make you feel at home....angry....peaceful...any emotion they feel when that piece is created comes through. People can connect in any form. We are so lucky to be able to have our lives and Art is an enhancement to our life. Art of music. Art of Poetry. Visual Arts. I am so happy when I paint. Ifeel alive. All my worried are washed away for the moment. Art gives me life. Art is alive.

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