Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Inspires Your Art?

Can an artist paint just to paint and still be painting with passion? The first question is... Does that artist love painting and creating his work passionately? If that is the case then yes. I know quite a few people that are very talented and just paint to paint. When I ask them why they created a certain piece they tell me nothing specifically inspired them to create that piece they were just compelled to paint. Yet when you look at the piece it has so much drama and vibrant colors that tell a story of some emotion let loose. Although the artists might not have painted with a purpose reason or rhyme.. they painted with alot of passion and they surely displayed their love for it. There are artists that have so much anguish and pain from their life experiences that they use their art as a release. They display their pain for the world to understand their triunph and overcoming that pain and challenge. There are others that are genuinely just happy to be alive and feel positive energy and create pieces that reflect what they feel. Creating a piece of art is a very soulful experience almost "sacred" becuase it is very spiritual. I think revealing ones inner passion and soul is very special. It is very thought provoking for the viewer. When I go to galleries or museums and watch the people looking at the art they are very intensely into the piece they are enjoying. They are deeply in thought trying to connect with the artist. Or they are letting the piece connect with them. I truly belive that there is energy left in these paintings from the artist's soul. I have wanted to be a creator of art all my life for the world to enjoy. I have always wanted to be known as an artist. There are circumstances in which a true artist is called to take on this profession or "life" if you will. Some choose to be artists and are very gifted and have a good career at it. But for some reason those artists are very loose about their creative moment. I feel as if they are so lax about their gift. I hope I am wrong. I want every artists to be very passionate or like to think they all paint from their soul. I would love to think that my favorites were just as passionate and respectful of their gift. Their gift touches the masses in a very special way. I want to hope that they will paint with a sense of urgency that their positive input in their art to our world... will make some kind of cosmic or spritual awakening for the good of mankind. We are spiralling towards a dismal future for our children. I see that but I want to not worry so much. I do not want to waste precious moments away from my wonderful family in thought contemplating the worst instead creating pieces of work that they can all enjoy and love like I do. I want to enjoy other artists who create pieces that capture my imagination and thought. I love seeing others passion for what they are creating. I have a point here I just dont remember because I am so involved with my love for the passion of the creative process. That is where the Piece or work becomes a masterpiece.

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