Friday, October 9, 2009

Excited with a Tad Anxiety.

I am so excited for what the future holds. A new chapter in my life has opened. So many people are interested in what I do. I want the whole world to see and experience my passion for Art. With that comes opening myself up to criticisms as well. One thing is when you become open in a public forum not everyone is happy dappy. There are people out there with their own opinions. There are people out there with special feelings. People are unhappy expecially right now in these days of uncertainty. I am there for the people that want to be inspired and want to feel good about what I and my peers create. I want to reach those people and interact with them. IF my future is limited to tonight and I say my goodbyes at dinner tonight to my beautiful family. Put my head down to sleep and relax into my last breath...then I made my mark in peoples hearts as an artist already. I am content. I wanted that my whole life and I have recently acheived that. It was the most fullfilling experience. If I am priveledged enough to see tomorrow and have the opportunity to touch more people and feel that feeling of warmth and comfort you feel when people are connected to you through Art then.....I look forward to that moment...For it is only a moment and I will treasure that moment. Right now is guaranteed as we live it. We are guaranteed the second we live in. Anything after that we are inspired to acheive something special or feel thankful we can get past that point in time. As for relating these deep thoughts of life.....Art is but another way to express my love for all the wonderful people I know, have met, have yet to meet and those who see me from afar with love in their hearts for knowing me and for what I do. For those that I have wronged I can only pray to the God i believe in to show them some love through me and hopefully one day they can smile with me in this lifetime. Create 2 Inspire. Create to Inspire Love in our hearts. Create to Inspire Peace through the Arts. Create to Inspire living every moment.

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