Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yeah! I really want that Art on my wall!

I had a very wondeful experience this past Sunday. I was a part of an Art walk on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. Although you would not know there was an Art walk because of the amount of regular foot traffic. Every weekend this street is flooded with people locals and non-locals. It is like Santa Monica Pier. There is so much foot traffic. Everyone is there to either eat lunch or window shop. I new this going into this day. I figured if at the very least I would connect with interested people and give out my business card. I did not expect to sell anything unless I sold it at swap meet prices. Meaning negotiate to just sell it all. I don't think so. I watched the expressions of the people looking at my stuff. I do not work with a traditional medium let alone the way I paint....the colors are very bold and my style is different. I had so many people that were generous with their compliments but kept their wallet in their back pocket. I had one guy walk by with his wife looked me dead in the eyes as he was talking to his wife and said ..."yeah! I really want that Art on my wall" wow. How bold he was. Sarcasm you can cut with a knife. That is what you get in a public forum where it is not a controlled environment. It was not exclusively for Art..It was like I was a street vendor in the middle of Manhattan NY. I got lost in all the hustle and bustle. I had a great positive experience out of the whole day that made it all worth while. Several cars would drive by and they would have their car windows open and would loudly! That's cool! Walker by's saying the same thing. If I took anything away from this it was a measuring point of where my work stands in the public eye. The average Joe does not buy Art. I understand it. But The average Joe doesnt care to look at it either...but I had everyone turning their heads. I am pleased.

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