Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Passion Emotion Feeling Pain love Exitement.......Art

Why can't we feel these things when we look at art? Why can't everyone feel these emotions when they look at art. I want to feel these emotions when I look at Art. I want to reach people that way. It is a very soulful act to paint. You have to be driven by something inside you. You have to feel deep within the recesses of your innermost thoughts and feel it in your gut. Gut check? yes that is it. Why cant the colours match the feeling you have at that moment. Why cant the artist say I feel BLACK or RED! Or Blue.....Instead their first feeling is blue and they say to themselves....but...that does not look right there...I better soften it up. That is where the piece begins to lose it's life.And then the artist feels intimidated by the extra texture he initially wanted to add. Then the piece loses it character. Again I say even though those 14-15th century artists were told and forced to paint royalty and probably they hated it yet they always found a way to convey to the audience that feeling they had when they painted that piece. You could see hints of despair in the faces of the subjects. the despair was not from the subject it was from the painter....saying...look at this fat piece of crap Queen. She sits around all day and orders her subjects to do this and that...and I have to depict her as this REGAL person. But regal is not pale. Regal is not lifeless. Regal is not having eyes that you look into and see a dead soul. A soul full of boredom no passion. The artists really captured what they felt. Why can we as artists paint with more love and emotion. Passion and Pain. Happiness and anger. Where are those true creative juices we have inside? Why are we intimidated by the status quo. Somewhere along the way we were taught to be cold. I was lifeless before. I thought I was no one. I thought I had no purpose. I looked in the mirror to only comb my hair.....I could not look at my own eyes and see what is in my soul. I can look now and see a person trying to get out...the person that needs to create. I am able to heal more....and the more I paint my soul strengthens. I GET to create masterpieces. I call them masterpieces because they are mine. Societies masterpiece is defined by their acceptance. What fits in their little mold. I hope to find a gallery or open a gallery to celebrate our passion for creating personal masterpieces to inspire others. There are so many lonely artists out there because they do not create. The produce.

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