Saturday, February 26, 2011

Give me a Break!

Is pain a good inpiration? I guess the experiences we have throughout our life time can inspire us to create works that have substance whether or not the experiences are positive or negative experiences. We can grow up with turmoil in our lives and somehow that creative process cleanses us and aids in releasing those internal feelings that torture us. I know after so many years of anxiety and internalizing the outside that I cannot control in my life I came to a place of happiness yet there was a strong presence of the residue left over. When I created in that mindset I allowed myself to express myself through imagery that depicted my inner concerns. There were so many emotions that I did not know existed in my mind. My soul was cluttered with all the pain. I immediately created with what I saw and felt that would describe those deep rooted hidden feelings. I sometimes would scare family and friends with my imagery but it did not matter. I created none the less. I partook in group shows and had one man shows with my work and did not care if there was criticism. I let go. I have let go. Now a new chatper has begun in my life. Where my work takes me I am looking forward to the surprises. I have no plans other than to express honestly. Give me a break!

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