Tuesday, February 22, 2011

By Any Stretch Of The Imagination!

As I sit here in my seat some thousands of feet in the air waiting to get to my work location for the week I am looking out my window realizing what an amazing creation we are. What an amazing creation we are a part of. We live in a wonderful planet. Able to sustain the life it holds. Yet we have so much that destroys it. Do we really appreciate what we are and what we have? We hold the key to most things in this world. We are so capable to offer ourselves the happiness and enjoyment that we deserve. Yet we ruin it by negatively affecting the lives of people around us. We destroy so much. Not only in the physical world but in the metaphysical. I believe that when we are in our hearts hateful of our fellow man and looking to hurt and put others on the defense we tear down the happiness around us. How can we expect to have a peaceful world when we cause so much hurt among others. I have spent my life lying to myself thinking I was OK as long as I l kept to myself...Ignored the people I chose to stay away from even though they were reaching out. I held that regret for a long time. Now I take it as a lesson to remember never to allow myself to feel that way again. I still struggle with the residue of the asshole I was. Now I love everyone. Yes everyone. I have taken solace in the peace I receive when I forgive. It is very liberating. I Feel that was the Achilles heel of my pain all these years and caused all the health problems I had. Funny how we create our own stress and let ourselves believe it was caused by external forces beyond our control. LOL> what a lie the little man and voice on my shoulder tells me. I stop believing the voices in my head. Now those voices are there to entertain me and remind me to stay focused in life. hold the people you love dear and close. we are all so fragile that we crush the hearts of our children with our selfishness. they are so innocent they just want to love and be loved. they look for our support for those of us who are parents or even if you aren't you have some contact with a family member who looks up to you. They look for that comfort in a loving supportive loved one and then they get shit on! LOL. wow. I have those memories. and instead of learning from them and improving my little world around me to inspire people around me I felt everyone around me will pay. wow. sad. sad little man i was. we are just but a spec of little grain of sand in the desert. can you imagine. a single grain of sand in the desert. yet we hold so much power. the ratio of people who know all of the above to those who are ignorant to this enlightenment is so lopsided. a grain of sand in the desert in comparison. i might ramble. but you know i have struck a nerve one way or another. either i made you cry or i pissed you off because you are too ignorant to come to a realization that we are responsible for our misery MOST of the time. And even if my wonderful friends in New Zealand are suffering the earths itch. I know there is a catastrophic event happening right now along with all of the other events on this beautiful earth.....we still hold the choice to appreciate our life if we have it...and I am sure for those that have passes they are in a much more peaceful and wonderful place. so it is a win win situation. lets of course assume and hope that ALL of us realize the importance of loving each other while we are here and taking care of one another. being responsible and accountable for one another. i am sure we all have our individual beliefs and we can sit here and argue the point until our ears bleed and our jaws lock for all the bullshit we hear and speak. we argue and destroy each others faith because we chastise one another with ritualistic beliefs and practices. we spew hate at each other because we do not believe in each others God. And how hypocritical that statement is.... God is Love. And yet we will blow each other up. Shoot each other, expel banish and ignore each other all in the name of our Lord. Is this right. Here I go again. Hate mail on its way. Hey! Don't read it. Get off my page and continue to lie in the mirror. I will continue to love you. I will continue to forgive and hug you. I will continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers. Yes I will. You asshole! I love you! lol. Gotta have a sense of humor. we HAVE to laugh at ourselves because we are a joke. look at our society today. look at what we do in our spare time. look at what we let our children partake in. look at the public and see the negative. is there room for more? yet if i reach out and hug my fellow man and brother and sister in humanity...something is wrong. We are artists. We are the creators of our lives. we are all able to create what we want. I am creating a beautiful masterpiece of happiness for the rest of my life. By Any Stretch Of My Imagination I will create such a masterpiece that only the greats would appreciate the intricacies of detail in my love for you. I will use so much color in my piece and the texture will be amazing! My canvas will be my life and my imagery will be soothing to the eye and you will feel my energy in every corner of my being. My passion will shine!

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