Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Is Your Excuse?

I am sitting here wondering how negativity affects so many people. Why isn't just as easy to feel positive than to feel negative. it seems so easy for a person to fall into depression and feel like shit rather than to just DECIDE to feel awesomely happy. Isn't it funny how our world lies to us telling us we need medication to sooth ourselves. Lies abound by telling us that we need alcohol to serve us a dish of happy times. Why cant we just laugh with each other and get high and heal ourselves with that wonderful euphoric laughter. That sense of joy that comes from within. For artists this is much more amplified. We see the world a little different. we are so emotional and we base everything we do by the emotions we feel. We create with the passion we feel for everything in life. we create what we feel and translate into our works. I am finding out now in my life that i am able to harness that power that has been given to us divinely. Yes. We have been given that gift to create. Not just to create works of art but a life as a work of art. to create anything we want because we choose to. to create joy in our lives because we decide to feel it. under any circumstances. We cannot control what others create for themselves. we cannot control the tragedies that happen all around us. we can control what we feel inside and that is untouchable. i can create joy in my life by always knowing that my joy is a likeness of our creators spirit. we are works of art. we were created in perfection. our bodies are so intricate. our bodies have so much capability that we do not know how to began to use. our spirit and energy have such tremendous strength we are so ignorant. if we only had a users manual. or a cheat sheet. can you imagine having a technology in your hands that is unmatchable to any other and just letting it sit by your side just for looks. well that is what we have. we have amazing abilities and yet we do not use what we have been given to our best. i am just getting a taste of this power and it is amazing. creating my reality. a day at a time. wonderful. i have been excited experimenting with this new idea that God has given me and i had access to it my whole life and just now am finding out. i am happy. i was born happy. why is it i always LET myself fall to the lies. i want to thrive in my artwork. i will let myself be. i will detox myself from all the negativity around me. be aware of it but not let it penetrate my soul. my soul is healing. my soul is powerful. what do you think my loved ones reading this? are we on to something"? or are you going to give me a bunch of excuses why or reasons and ignorant comments telling me otherwise. ill still love you all. go ahead. i challenge you. why cant you be happy? why cant you let the crap go? i would rather LET myself be happy than allow myself fall into depression and sadness.

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