Monday, February 21, 2011


It is always within that we struggle for our lives. We always have difficulties expressing ourselves the way we hope to as artists. We always worry about the exterior and criticisms. I guess it is human of us to need validation. We create and we need some sort of "hey! Nice!" but do we really need that? I keep arguing with myself about this. I want people to be impacted by what I create. I want people to feel what I felt when I created that energy in my piece. Wanting people to have a reaction to what I create is I guess in essence a request for validation. Am I approaching it all wrong. the answer is YES> Who gives a shit what people think. throw caution to the wind. Create. Free yourself of that turmoil that you internalize and let go. A writers block is indicative of the anxiety he or she feels about the content and whether it will be read and how successful it will be. They need to create interest in their pieces. So they mull over their choices and keep time. Or let time slip away. Procrastinating the inevitable....they will eventually say to themselves..."I am writing what I want to write" and it turns out to be their best work. Yes I know this process we go through as creators of an art form is redundant. And we always seem to fall back to this ridiculous ritual. Maybe it makes for a better expression. Having that internal struggle as we are contemplating how to outwardly vent our life in our work. The choice we have to make is how far we will go in our self doubt, insecure thoughts and looking in the mirror wondering if we are good enough before we can have the right to claim our masterpiece and display for all the know it alls in the world to see. I for one will look in the mirror, see I am worthy of my gift because I have the desire to create and therefor it must be my title as artist to hold. If someone does not agree that my imagery or subject matter is appropriate for display...there are a shit load of other artists in the world for them to admire and or criticize. I Am creating for those people that love what I create and those that fall in love and connect with the energy I process through my work. We are all connected in this life and the ideas we receive are a thought from someone looking for the piece we create. We have to create. As artists we are just a tool and a vehicle for these ideas floating around coming from other like minded souls. We need to make sure we are respectful of this divine gift we have been given. If our block is keeping us from creating then we are just in expectation of that idea to be created somewhere.

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