Saturday, February 19, 2011

Remember To Be Happy.

There are so many reasons we stop being happy. There are so many excuses we reason with to justify the actions of our selfishness. We look past the innocent looks of our children. We ignore the wisdom of our elders who have gone through all we are experiencing. We fall into the beliefs that our twisted society has brainwashed us with. We continue in self pitty. I for one have done all of the above. As of recent I almost fell into this lie again. I always am reminded through the love of my children and a few loved ones that life is too precious to throw away a single moment in our short time here. We only have a small window of opportunity to enjoy the moment. Sometimes we are given a lifetime of opportunity and we do not realize it until a lifetime has passed. Then and only then we look back and see how special and wonderful we had it. I see that in people i know. I experienced it. I am still young enough...or am i. is my mortality right around the corner? has my health deteriorated so much that i am so close? who knows.... All i know is i have now. I have this moment with my family and friends. i have this moment in time to enjoy life. i have this moment in time to be thankful in all that has been presented to me. indulge in the beauty of my life. take stock of the precious moments that have been given to me. tend to those people that have been put in my path. i know i have a wonderful purpose in this life. i am here to inspire. i am here to make someone smile. i am here to create. i am here to help humanity evolve into a loving society. it is possible. so many negative people have crossed my path. so many detractors.they have not penetrated my being like before. now they empower me to press forward. i am not easily intimidated. are you? do you hold back? do you keep that special unique gift inside that maybe could be shared with someone or someones. lol. do you see it as a threat to expose yourself to others and open up to maybe create for anothers enjoyment. are you holding back the love that has been gifted to you? i guess a lot of people might disagree with me. its OK. i do not always agree with myself hence an internal struggle. but we all have to at least reach out somehow and to figure out how is brave. because to figure out how takes experimentation. experimentation for creations sake sometimes takes sacrifice. sometimes we need to sacrifice to give someone else freedom. in this case we are talking freedom from fear. fear of being happy. comfort in being unhappy and sad. being dependent on the misery that is like a drug in our society. we depend on a substance to ease the pain of our misery and depression. we are addicted to that substance. we look for answers to why we are addicted. we look for the love to distract us from the addiction. then we intimidate because people are afraid of who we are. then we fall deeper because we blame society for our failure to function normally. So we reach out for help. we are now isolated because we have alienated ourselves from the world with all of our problems that we are blaming everyone to be the cause. all we needed to do was be happy to begin with. we could have avoided all of this bullshit. All we had to do was create. all we had to do was help someone. all we had to do was be thankful. love. yes it is that easy. what a waste. i feel like shit just writing this. and yet the great thing about it....i still have a chance. i am here to inspire love help love smile hug kiss scream with joy. i am here for you my brothers and sisters. create love and inspire~!

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