Saturday, March 5, 2011

The world we live in can seem very intimidating to the point that we do not want to go outside of our cave. We see all the bad in the news internationally and outside our own door. It does not matter where you are living in any class or status. You can find that negativity around, all you have to do is open your eyes and be aware. People can let their moods and emotional state of being became infectious like a disease. If I step into an elevator and there is a group of people and one person is feeling really hateful and down I can feel it like someone is punching me in the gut. If I am at the gas station and minding my own business and someone is waiting for the pump to open and waiting behind me frustrated because I am taking my sweet ass I can feel that person wanting to smash into I know that one was out of no where. But you get the idea. Family can make you feel like shit as well. People can really destroy the mood in a room at work.....all they have to do is bring their issues from home to work and spread their ugliness to everyone by giving short answers and ignoring everyone. Crossing the street ...the light is making a right turn blows the horn because you are taking your time walking across and you have the Why are people in a hurry? Why cant we all just get along? LOL. Famous line. Really though. We can actually find ourselves become really depressed because we know that we cannot seem to win out there. Going to work and your boss doesn't have a life so he picks on you because you are always happy and he isn't, so he gives you the shitty hours and talks down to you. Yet you still keep your wit about yourself and arrive happy not letting this person get to you. can go home and wammo. it gets to you finally and then your home life changes. And now your family suffers because you decided to let some person who doesn't even care about you get under your skin. We need to choose to be happy. We need to decide to stay positive. Our lives are not dependant on a strangers reaction to us. We need to stay the course and stay focused. We need to be an inspiration to people around us. We need to remember to create our art work to give people life. Show the color and imagination we have inside us to create joy in peoples lives. We have this gift of creativity and we need to create and inspire. I sometimes find myself letting others attitudes beliefs and moods sometimes dictate my feelings for the day and then i lose out on a rich wonderful day that could and might be my last. Why waste the time. Take advantage of this beautiful life we have. We might have it only but fir a day more.  I often see other people make the mistake of wasting precious moments with not spending time with their children or parents. Wives and husbands going UNloved and marriages falling apart because of no communication. All of this can be resolved with one word or action or feeling. LOVE. But we make excuses. LOVE. Show our love anyway you can think of. Through our art. Through our attention. Speaking and saying hello to a stranger might make a difference in their life changing their perception of the unfriendly world. Give someone hope. Give a smile. Help someone. Talk to a friend in need. Love a family member reaching out. Buy a co worker a taco. Laugh at someones joke.
I know I am rambling. Sometimes It does not come out all pretty. But I say what I feel as I feel it. I am not a rehearsed soul. I give it the way I feel it. it gets me in trouble sometimes with people that do not like to hear the truth. I have never been politically correct. I used to be a hypocrite but at least now I know who I am and try to be straight forward...if I have not been to someone reading this then look in the mirror and ask yourself why? Buy the way..are you mr/mrs perfect? do you treat others as you would want to be treated? so before you comment negatively....take inventory and check yourself.
I love all of you and hope this finds you and helps you. I pray that you find that switch and turn that negative stuff off. if not. maybe ill make sense to you next time. Take care my creative friend and keep creating.

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