Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Create Inspire!

Savannah was inspirational. This is a city where students study to become artists and then suddenly realize that all the money they spent on school they were artists all along. I cam across so many characters in this city. People of all walks of life. All with wonderful stories. All inspirational stories. I wish I had more time to speak to each and every one of them. I know in life we cross each others pass for a reason. We are all in this journey together to inspire and encourage one another to be positive. We are given one chance to love. We all have a gift that we use to show that love. All of us have the opportunity to figure it out what that gift is. Some waste it and suffer a life of despair. I was that desperate person once. Always looking for that one thing that was going to bring me happiness. I could never find it. Not in a person, not in a substance, not in any material thing. I decided one day to be happy. It was like turning a switch on. WOW!.... It was there all along. Wonderful power we have. And when we decide to turn that switch on it is contagious. Marvelous things happen. Happiness multiplies. Positive things began to happen. A new path is suddenly carved out for us to lead us to more happy experiences. I watch people differently. I love people. We are all looking for clarity of who we are. Why we are? I see that despair in peoples faces. I only wish I had the power to heal everyone of that feeling. I want to have that power. I do have that power. I notice a smile and an acknowledgement of a strangers greeting or exchange of glances and it brightens up their day.l It is contagious! We can began to heal each other with love. My art is my gift to share. My friendship is my way to express love to my fellow man. Some will accept and some wont. I will not waste my time with the latter. I will surely try but.....MOVE ON! But all will know I tried. All I encounter will know something was behind my love. Gods Love Gods Spirit. We are created in his likeness. With out all the religion bull. We all have the power to change anything at any time. There are so many reasons to be happy. There are so may reasons to be thankful. We can change our reality with that positive flow. What a waste of a day if we do not smile once at someone. What a waste of a life if we do not inspire just one person to be happy. That one person can in turn be compelled to change the world for the better. I shall not bring the opposite effect. It is not worth it. Love Create and Inspire!

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