Friday, September 30, 2011

Be Happy

I want to get through to you my loved ones but you do not listen. Why do I take it so personal because I want you to feel the same joy I feel daily. I take it so hard when I see you sad and negative. Sometimes it affects me when I constantly send messages and hints that life is beautiful. I even have proof in my life and you still ignore the message. I am here for you and I love you. I always encourage you to smile and FEEL happiness yet you continue to frown and be down. What will it take for you to understand that life does not have to be such a struggle. It is a beautiful ride full of challenges and opportunities to improve and create joy for yourself. We all have the same fight on this journey. We all have the same fate. With that alone should be reason enough to take a look at our days as special gifts that we are here one m ore time to give it another shot. Why not just be happy today if you are not waking up tomorrow. And if you last the week then you had a joyous week. How great can that be. IS another person keeping you from that happiness? Then step away or distance yourself from that person. If you cannot distance yourself from them then know that it is not your fault that they are using you as a target to unload their shit on you. Most people do not even realize they are hurting their loved ones until they are better. Then it is too late. But never too late to apologize and make things better. to move on. To love. To smile. To give yourself the gift of your new life you  can create. Thank God he gave us this gift of the real reality most do not even know about. The reality that exists in our mind. He created us in his image. He created the universe with a thought. We have that power. He created the universe with his love. WE have that capacity to love. Use it. Love one person unconditionally. they will forward that love. Then another. Then another. It is like Multi-Marketing Love. Everyone shares the more it is passed on. Quit wasting time my loved ones. Be happy.

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