Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Creators Journey.

It is not always easy to travel the road we have chosen for ourselves. There might be great challenges along the way. We can be as positive as we drive ourselves to be. Happy and full of joy and yet there seems to always be some kind of roadblock or higher hill to climb to see the wonderful light. We have to strengthen our character and be ready by sharpening our swords. We will face that challenge and become better. We learn to appreciate and see the good of our experiences. We are sharpening iron with iron. Life is beautiful we have to embrace the challenges that are facing us daily. We have to be thankful that we can face them to begin with. If we are talking about how we are going to be strong here and face these challenges together then we are very fortunate we have a community where we can be around like minded individuals to encourage us.

We have to be amazing at life. We have to wake everyday and learn to continue to create that beautiful life of ours. If you wake tomorrow and choose to be annoyed or upset then go ahead. But do not suck your loved ones in to the mess you have created for yourself. Do not involve them in your self pity. I did for many years...I did just that. Sometimes I get caught up these days in the unwarranted anger and frustration of my daily challenge. I have an amazing life right now and I am full of joy every morning looking forward to the challenge of creating for myself and the people I love happiness and joy abound! I hug and hold the people that are close to me. I reach out to strangers with a smile and a positive conversation. I can feel the negativity and I attack it with love. I encourage them with my positivism and give them hope that there are more people like myself wanting to care for our fellow man.

I try everyday to renew myself into a positive influence in this world. I am so happy to be given the chance daily. Here in this forum I know I probably reach a few of you. I know that someone reads my energy and knows what I am about. I am about love and positivism. If you think this is a load of crap then I love you stranger, friend, family but get the hell out of here and go find the blog where you can complain. I would rather you stay and read comment, send me a message or not. Whether you read or not I will continue to write. I get to do this. I am a healthy happy joyous person who figured out that loving humanity and myself is healthy. I know that life is beautiful and see the wonderful souls behind the curtain we put up against the world to hide.  I can feel and see thought the hypocrisy. I walk in the room and know where the bullshit is and I attack! I attack with a smile and send them love. Sounds like a crock? Well. Try it. You'll see.

Why do we waste our time anyway being upset or judging others? It is a waste of time and energy. We stress ourselves out and make ourselves sick physically. All we need to do is reach out. It does not have to be anything dramatic. Just be nice to someone. Do not judge someone. Quit being selfish and just think of yourself. Give someone a compliment. Encourage one another. Post something nice on your Facebook for a change instead of some remark that starts eating away at that person that takes everything you say serious. Sometimes we are not aware of the people we impact with our words and actions. I know I have hurt many people in my past and as of recent not knowingly and sometimes I do and I have to move on. We have to be aware of this. We have to think of them. We have to be generous with our love. Stingy with the shit we serve to the world. Wake up. One day at a time. For all you know that day is all you have left. OK so pull it out of you know what and figure it out. I love you all.

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